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The Power of Giving

October 16, 2016

I was very privileged to be invited to contribute to a wonderful event, the launch of Ros Worthington's book "The Power of Giving". It was an inspiring and emotional day for everyone there, and it was wonderful to meet Ros and make her a cake for her 65th birthday, and to see everyone, young and old enjoying the cakepops.

A big thank you to Tamara from Known Associates for organising this wonderful event, and to Marina from Danica Graphic Design Studio for the photos.

Event partners who also paid it forward:
Administration - Filed Away - Concierge Services
Accounting and sales - Sebastian Luxa
MC - Mark Gibson, Network Seven
Orchestra - The Awkwardstra
Service with a smile: The Esther Foundation Team
Styling and furniture - Maisey Collections
Gourmet Desserts - Bites by D
Cake pops and birthday cake - Snow White Cakes
Tea decadence - Strive and Thrive with Norita Omar
Coffee cart - Community Pod
Styling - Opulenticity Party & Buffet Styling
Filtered locally produced water - Carton & Co
Sparkling - Singlefile Wines
Designer picnic styling - Picnics by Design
Gourmet grazing table - The Herdsman
Styling and desserts - Niknaks Sweetest Treats

Photography: Danica Graphic Design Studio (photos below)

Photography - Simona's Photography
Photography - ZiliaCreative